Winquest Capital Is The Best Solution For Your Business Growth

Winquest Capital is dedicated to investing in the future and growth of small and mid-sized enterprises. We service the needs, hopes and dreams for business owners, leaders, and their employees. 

Our service

Winquest funds target outperformance against key Russell Indices through a focus on smaller, high-potential companies. We zero in on under-recognized firms overlooked by traditional Wall Street, with our Micro-Cap Fund focusing on those under $600 million market cap and our Small-Cap Fund targeting the Russell 2000 Index range. Discover Winquest’s edge in uncovering market gems.

Our Team

Our growing employee team and our network of dedicated business professionals provide unparalleled knowledge, experience and resources all focused on meeting the needs of our clients and their small and mid-sized businesses. 

We are always looking for dedicated people to add to Winquest Capital’s talented team. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us on an exciting, challenging, and rewarding journey.

Our Advisors

Our business and financial advisors provide timely, business, technology and market insights which help our team, and our clients, avoid unexpected pitfalls and take full advantage of the opportunities provided by our rapidly changing social, business, and political environment.


We’re Working With

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